Terms & Conditions


The equipment has a 12 month equipment warranty. If the Service Warranty Package option is selected, the customer agrees to pay an annual fee for the maintenance of the telephone system at the end of the first 12 months. If declined, the customer understands that assistance by phone by either office staff or technicians will be deemed as 'Desk Help Assistance' and may incur a Service Fee.

Installation if not specified on the agreement is additional. If an estimate for installation has been provided, the customer acknowledges that the estimate is intended to serve only as an indication of the actual installation charge which may be made by Gippsland Phones and that Gippsland Phones shall not be bound by that price.

The customer shall pay any installation charge and the price of any equipment as invoiced by Gippsland Phones in accordance with the terms of payment as set out in such invoices (within 7 days, unless otherwise specified).

Cabling of premise (including but not limited to installation and supply of main distribution frames, intermediate distribution frames, tie cables, additional sockets, cabinets, patch panels, power rails, lead-in cables etc) are not included in the equipment price unless specified.

Gippsland Phones is entitled to charge additional fees for re-attending the premise to connect lines that were delayed in connection by any network provider that failed to connect their services (telephone lines or broadband) by the installation date.


Gippsland Phones remains the owner of the equipment. All rentals are for a minimum of 12 months.

30 days notice must be given to terminate the agreement. A visit fee and labour fees will apply to uninstall the telephone system payable within 7 days of collection.

The monthly Rental fee includes RAP / SWP as specified below.

The monthly Rental fee is due at the beginning of the calendar month and to be paid within 7 days.

The customer agrees to keep the equipment under the customer's custody and control at all times and shall not remove the equipment or permit the equipment to be removed from the premises or the customer's possession without obtaining written consent of Gippsland Phones.

The customer shall at all times keep the equipment in good order and condition and shall ensure that at all times the equipment is situated in a suitable, safe and protected environment.

The customer is liable for the loss/replacement of any equipment that has been subject to damage caused by electrical / storm fusion, water damage, fire, flood, theft, vandalism and storm damage. It is strongly recommended that you acquire adequate insurance to cover these costs.

Any additions to the equipment of the telephone system, system cards and/or handsets will incur an increase in the monthly rental as well as incur installation costs.

In the event the customer relocates their premises, additional installation charges will be incurred.


Your Samsung equipment comes with a 12 month manufacturer warranty. Labour costs associated with Gippsland Phones are additional, unless a Service Warranty Package Option is selected.

Accepting a Service Warranty Package upon installation of a new telephone system will include labour provided by Gippsland Phones for the first 12 months for no additional cost (with the exception of installation for exclusions as listed below).

1) REMOTE ACCESS PACKAGE (RAP) - Preferable for businesses that have an appropriate ADSL service set up for direct remote access into the telephone system and do not require full coverage of their telephone equipment.

2) EQUIPMENT SERVICE WARRANTY PACKAGE (E-SWP) � Designed for businesses that require coverage of their equipment, but do not have a remote access facility available, or for those that do not wish to take up the RAP option. This Service Contract is based on the payment of an annual service fee and operates within the guidelines of the Full Service Warranty Package.

3) FULL SERVICE WARRANTY PACKAGE (F-SWP) � Designed for businesses that have a Remote Access facility enabled and also require full coverage for their telephone equipment. This Service Contract is based on the payment of an annual service fee and operates within the following guidelines:-
- Critical Service Fault - For critical (no service) faults, action will be taken to have the fault remedied, within a maximum of four (4) working hours.
- Minor Service Fault - For minor service faults (i.e handsets, speakers, microphones, etc) action will be taken to have the fault remedied within eight (8) hours, or a time that is mutually agreed upon.
- Hours of Business - Our hours of business are from 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).
- Maintenance Customers - Take priority over non-maintenance clients.

In the event that due to market forces the equipment cannot be maintained at the current SWP fee, Gippsland Phones will notify the customer with 30 days written notice of an increase in the annual fee.

In the event that the equipment cannot be maintained in good working order for any reason, including, for example, age, deterioration or non-availability of spare parts (a matter which shall be determined in the absolute discretion of Gippsland Phones), Gippsland Phones will give 12 months notice to the intention of terminating the agreement.

4) STANDARD CALL OUT SERVICE (CO) - An option for businesses who wish to use our services on a 'Call out' basis. Also used for on-site visits for businesses who may have a RAP package, but do not require coverage for their equipment.


Please Note: All options have the following exclusions: Cabling or socket repair; purchase of additional equipment (but will cover additional Samsung equipment after installation); damage caused by electrical / storm fusion; water damage; fire damage; flood damage; theft, vandalism and storm damage. Ancillary equipment items such as cordless phones or headsets are also excluded.


Gippsland Phones may market its products and services via independent third parties ("Partners") who may sign up customers and/or collect payment of Gippsland Phones charges on its behalf. A Partner is not a party to the agreement between Gippsland Phones and the customer and is not responsible for the supply or performance of Gippsland Phones' products or services.