Data & Voice Cabling

Correctly installed structured cabling ensures reliability and provides cost saving by simplifying the installation. Our experienced ACA licensed technicians ensure minimum impact to your business whilst providing a system that is critical in integrating your phone and computer network.

Installed to strict national ACA standards, our quality is assured and your investment is one that can grow with your business.

Our structured cabling supports all computer and voice applications in one system and we provide professional testing to back up our quality. Let our technicians assist your business with:

  • Design and implementation of data networks, including analysis, auditing and testing
  • Structured Cabling incl Cat5E, Cat6 and Cat7.
  • Integrated Voice and Data Cabling
  • VoIP Networking and Cabling
  • Fibre Optic Cabling Installation
  • Data Cabinets, Switches, Fibre Trays